Thursday, 27 June 2013

"Who's Ken Branagh?"

Blackadder meets Shakespeare in this clip from 'Blackadder Goes Back and Forth'


Never say never...

Hi there!

Yes I know I said I'd moved on to 'Blogging Pastures New' but the Bard just won't lie down and nor should he!

Actually it took the start of the fabulous new drama series 'The White Queen' from the BBC (or the Brilliant Bard Channel) to put me back on Billy-Boy's trail. Two episodes into this adaption of the historic novels by Philippa Gregory and I'm already reaching once more for my copies of Henry VI and Richard III. I know! The Histories!!

So I'm back, Billy-Boy's back and the Blog's back! Be ready for more reviews, clips and other Shakespearean shenanigans!

And remember - "Thou art divine!"